If I had $100…

C21bucks-dollarbill-blogSpanlose your eyes and imagine that you have a hundred dollars in your hand. How would you like to spend it?

Well, if you ask me, I would buy gifts for family, donate money to charity for homeless people, and buy a flower-pot and a seed. I would buy gifts for my family because I love them. Dad: he always teaches me and points me in the right way. Mom: she always cooks delicious food and buys stuff for me. Little Sister: my little sister always plays with me and says: you are my best friend! So I would like to appreciate them and thank them with gifts.I would like to see their faces when I surprise them with their gifts!
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Dear Alien, Let me tell you about the Earth!

Dear Alien, Let maliene tell you about the Earth.The earth was created about 4.7 million years ago by the Big Bang. The Big Bang is a theory that most scientist believe how the earth was created along with the other planets in the universe. According to this theory the universe was inside a bubble that was thousands of time smaller than a pinhead. It was extremely hot and dense. It suddenly exploded  and the universe was born which is much bigger than anything else. It is still expanding today. In this vast space the earth is one among billions of other objecs.

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Happy Mother’s Day

photo (4)My mother is the fuel who helps me do impossible things. Mom taught me a lot of things. From tying my shoes to making friends. Describing my mother would be like describing a beautiful rainbow. Her love is always spiraling around the house. Mom is working so hard and we only celebrate Mother’s day once a year. To me, mother’s day is everyday. On the mother’s day, I wrote this post to show  how much I care about her. Happy mothers day to all the mothers of the world!


From the Past # 2

August 30,2010

Today the question of the day in our Kindergarten class is - “Do you know what an author does?” We talked about it. Later, the teacher changed my back pack tag. They changed the number of my school bus. I wonder why the teacher did that.

photo-6I forgot to eat  the breakfast at cafeteria. But I did not miss the lunch.  Mom told me  to finish all my food while eating. But I could not. I will try to finish all my food tomorrow. They worry about my health. They always want me to be healthy and Happy! I cannot be late tomorrow for school that is why I got to go to bed. Don’t be late!

September 8, 2010

On my way to school, my nose was bleeding in the school bus. When I got to school the nurse took me to the office and cleaned my nose with medicine. She even cleaned my clothes and the jacket. She kept the jacket for cleaning because there was pretty bad stain on it.

September 11, 2010

Yesterday, I ate Pizza  in school at lunch. It was yummy. Mom wore Sari today because today is Teej, a Hindu festival. Teej is a festival for girls but not for boys. In the morning I went to the exercise room with Mom and Dad.

September 14, 2010

I got Grandma’s letter from Nepal. She is from Nepal. There were red clips for me too. We went to the public library and checked out some books.

At school, the question of the day was: “Do you like me?” We had to ask each of our classmates. Then checked or crossed mark in paper. Sixteen of my friends told “Yes.” But six others said “No.”  Then teacher taught to write 16 > 6 ( Sixteen greater than six).

September 18, 2010

I did not see any stars tonight. Only the moon with clouds around.


From the Past

First Day of Kindergarten:

August 17, 2010 


a page from my journal

This is my first day of school.I waited with my mom for the school bus. I was riding the bus without mom and dad for the first time. I was excited to go to the school. I made a puzzle. I read a book. The teacher read a book too. I played at the kitchen. I made three friends, The first day of school was very great! Tomorrow  I have to wake up at 7 AM. So I need to go to bed now. Goodnight!

August 18, 2010

Miss Ashton wrote the question of the day. The question was- “Are you excited for your first day of Kindergarten?” The next question was – “Did you ride the bus to school?”I did some drawing in paper and sticked in the board. I was happy to see the teacher and the friends. I had lunch. I played outside. It was hot and I was sweaty.

August 19, 2010

This is my third day of school and it is already three days that I have not seen my dad! I am missing him very much! I guess I am going to se him on Saturday. Today at school, the question of the day was, “Are you a boy or girl?” I danced with my teacher and my friends in the classroom. I was shaking my body with music. It was fun!

August 20, 2010

Question of the day: “Do you remember the rules of the class?”

I went to the art studio. I made a snake from clay. I played in the holes. I played monster.



School Projects

Organic Smoothie: 

smoothie cycleGo,go-go…! Faster faster faster…!! My classmates are cheering for me  to pedal faster.I am on a bicycle and the more I pedal the more the smoothie blends. Good thing the bicycle is stuck to the ground or I would be cycling all over the place….You might be wondering what I am talking about.

Well… we are trying to make smoothie without electricity or electric blender. Instead of electrical we are using human power. For this we pedal the bicycle turn by turn. It rotates the wheels of the bicycle. This further turns the bottom of the jar which hold the fruits to grind.  This speeds the blade of the grinder and the fruits are liquefied to Smoothie. Different fruits changes color and blends with each other. Blueberries, apple cider, yogurt, melon, cucumbers all are in there. The beauty of this project is that all the fruits were grown in our school garden and they are organic. Organic means they are produced without pesticides, and harmful chemicals. This is important because if we use chemicals in plants, while we eat we might eat the chemicals and the pesticides too. This also hurts insects and other animals in the nature. It might get stored in the dirt  or soil and in the long run it affect the fertility of the soil. Moreover, while we pedal it helps our muscles. If we do routinely it will be good exercise.  I can imagine somebody waking up in the morning, putting organic fruits in the jar sitting on top of the cycle, getting on the bicycle  and pedaling it.  After some good peddle getting off, pouring it and drinking with the breakfast . Not a bad idea. Hmm… I suppose I should improve this bicycle design and go to Shark Tank!  What do you guys think?

From an Australian Website, What is Organic?

Digestion in Owls:

“Owls don’t have teeth. That means they can not chew. and that make us think how do owls digest hard parts of their foods such as fur and bones”- Mother Nature (teacher who teaches about nature) said in our class. Owls’ gizzard, a part of the stomach compacts and stores skull, hair, and claws of their prey. When the gizzard gets full, the owl cannot take any more food. So it should be emptied. Then the owls’ regurgitates ( big word for spit) as a pellet. Studying these pellets we can find out what is the common prey of any owls. She brought owl pellets. We separated bones from the pellets and found out the most common prey for that particular owl was the vole even though I thought it was mole. Next, we put the bones in a plastic box filled with cotton and took home.


We looked at  salt through microscope. Then we drew what we saw on a piece of paper and described what we saw. The salt looked like big cubes. It looked very big compared to what we see through our naked eye.