An Encounter With the Police Officer

safety contest sketch“Are you Samsara? If you are, I want to take you to the police officer!”

one nice looking – lady asked me while I was eyeballing art projects in the entry hall after signing the guest log book. Wait, let me tell first how I got in this situation. Rewind to one hour ago.

For the first time I was feeling uncomfortable in our car. I believe I got car sick. I slid down the passenger side window.

“Why?” Papa was curious. because I never liked opening the window in highway. Too much noise.

“I want some Oxygen.”

“Why don’t you admit you are nervous!” Mama and Papa burst into laughter.

“I AM NOT NERVOUS!” I yelled out. I got very mad.

“Do not shout, Nanu. That’s not good manners,” Mama reminded.

But, I am still mad while writing these lines.

The van stopped at the gas station. I picked pink lemonade and a spill – proof bottle of water for Saanvi. Dad took Sushi and water. After a while we arrived at a nice building with a beautiful garden. The parking lot was full of cars. I saw one different van with satellite receptor on top. Dad told me that is a local  television crew.

“Thanks for coming!” Two teenage girls welcomed us and ushered us inside. A lady handed us blue shiny ribbons, which were really hard to put on! We helped each other. We were looking at the posters and clicking pictures. All of a sudden this beautiful lady approached us and said     ” Are you…?”

“Yes, I am Samsara.” I said.

Then she took my hand and started walking towards the police officer. He was busy  talking with six or seven other people, all in nice suits. She introduced me to the officer. My small hand just slipped into his huge hand. She took some pictures.

In the great room, slides of  Jenny Lin, a kidnapped girl, flipped one after another on the screen. The story was very sad. The background song,  ” Everything I do, I do it for you,” made the environment sadder. It was the Jenny Lin memorial day. I took part in the child safety contest organized by the Jenny Lin Foundation. It was the day to announce the winners!

“How do I get up there on the stage with everybody looking at me? Will I be the only winner with a dress on? Will I look silly? What if I drop my prize in front of everyone?” My mind was racing with such questions. My stomach was doing cartwheels. I was crossing my fingers, praying everything went well. Still, I was excited. The lady announced my name. I walked up to the stage. The same police officer handed me the prize. I joined the line of winners on the stage. Now, I did not feel nervous at all! Local TV channels and photographers took our pictures. I felt proud of myself. When I looked at my parents, their eyes were full of tears of happiness. Afterwards, our family proudly went home. What a wonderful experience! Now I am thinking about how to spend the prize money that I won. Do you have any suggestions?

P.S. I saw this nice safety advertisement in the internet. Hope you will like it!

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